Wednesday, 9 July 2014

15 Day Affirmation Challenge: Day 3 [Ability]

I am participating in PE's 15 day Affirmation Challenge. For more information, click here.

Today's challenge is about ability and achieving tasks. Though it is only day 3 of the challenge, I am already seeing how much the negative voice in my head dominates. It has been interesting having to transform these thoughts to positive ones, although a bit of a challenge to get them to stick. Let's forge ahead to today's task.

"Identify a goal/dream that you're blocking yourself in currently."
  • Fitness and nutrition
"Identify your self limiting beliefs about this goal/dream."
  • I can't get fit because I've tried many times to start exercising and have kept giving up on it after a few days.
  • I can't eat healthy because the options are confusing/overwhelming, and my house is usually full of unhealthy options, which causes me to keep slipping back into old habits.
"Change this belief."
  • No matter how many times I fail, I have the choice to start again, and be better this time. 
  • I will educate myself on the choices available and choose the best option for myself. I will select healthier choices for myself and discourage others in my family from buying unhealthy food options. I will work on my self discipline to be able to make good choices even if there are unhealthy options at home.  
 "Identify actions steps you're going to take to realize this goal/dream."
  •  Research the best exercises for my fitness goals and write them down/put them in a place I can see them.
  • Seek out others on the fitness journey for motivation and inspiration.
  • Look up and gather healthy recipes and dedicate a day to try new recipes.
  • Start a fitness and nutrition journal to write down my goals and track my progress.

Fitness, and more recently, nutrition have been things I have wanted to get serious about for so many years. Many times I've tried and failed, however, I perhaps did not have the right mindset and/or tools. I look forward to starting this journey and keeping it alive for as long as I am.

"I can achieve anything I want, as long as I set my heart to it."

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