Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Happy New Year 2014!

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Happy New Year to all my readers! Cheers to a year that is full of hope and possibility, a year that brings change, progress and a year of moving forward in our lives, our goals and our dreams.

I'm not usually one to make new year resolutions, but this year somehow feels different. I can sense the potential that this year has for change. However, instead of making resolutions, I'm opting for setting goals. Resolutions are promises that tend to be easily broken after a few weeks, and are typically vague notions of what we want, instead of a plan of how to get there.

Therefore, I invite you to join me in setting a few personal goals that you would like to achieve this year.

Here are a few great ideas I've read about for achieving goals which I intend to try myself:

1. Write them down, preferably in a place you can see them frequently. Sometimes the reason we find it so difficult to make changes is that when we're deeply ingrained in a particular habit, we simply forget we had intended to be doing something differently (I have been guilty of this). Reminders are necessary, especially in the early days of habit forming. In addition, write down the steps needed to achieve said goal. This way, you give yourself less excuses to not do something, since you've already worked out what you need to do to achieve your goal.

2. Monthly check-ins. At the end of each month, assess your progress. How far did you come that month? Have your methods been working? Do you need to do something differently? Monthly check-ins are great for assessing whether you are really making progress or not, and helps keep your motivated and on track with your goals. They serve as reminders for the reasons you decided to make the change. Often times we get to the end of the year only to realize we haven't accomplished as much as (or anything) we wanted. Avoid that trap by checking in with yourself on a regular basis.

3. Create a vision board.  This can include pictures and words describing the goals you want to achieve. A visual reminder can be a powerful tool in affecting change. It keeps us motivated, especially in times when it feels difficult to go on. By stating exactly what it is you want, knowing what the end-point looks like, and seeing it all the time, we're less likely to fall back into old habits that hinder us in our journey to achieving our goals.

I would suggest getting a notebook or journal to write down your goals and track your progress.

The notebook I intend to use this year

I wish you all a prosperous and fulfilling 2014! I hope you will join me on my blogging journey this year. I look forward to connecting with a lot more of you, learning, growing and continuing to share my thoughts and perspectives on life with you all.

Peace and blessings.

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